Sierra Imaging faq-records

Medical Records

Can I obtain a copy of my medical records from Sierra?

Sierra Imaging will provide to our patients, a copy of the final Radiologist report after five (5) business days.  A copy of a CD of their studies can be released the same day, with a signed medical records release. A copy of the release form can be found on this website, or please contact our Medical Records Department at (559) 322-4269.

How soon can I obtain my records with a signed release?

Please allow the Sierra Imaging Medical Records staff (48) hours to complete your request for medical records.

I have had prior studies at other facilities; do I have to request my prior studies?

No, our staff will be happy to assist our patients in contacting the previous facilities and request a copy of your prior exams to be forwarded to Sierra. Please let your referring physician’s office know that you have had prior studies at other facilities at the time of scheduling.