Sierra Imaging prep-ct



For those exams requiring oral and IV contrast:

  • Do not eat or drink anything 4 hours prior to your scheduled exam time. This examination includes an injection of intravenous (IV) non-ionic iodine contrast to define the blood flow into the area of interest or in question. Without the presence of food or liquids in your stomach, the possibility of nausea from the contrast injection will be reduced.
  • You may be required to drink 1 bottle of oral contrast 1 hour prior to the examination time. This bottle may be given to you by your doctor’s office, or may be picked up at our facility. This bottle may be refrigerated until time for dosing. Once in the exam room, the technologist may ask you to drink a cup of water before the scanning begins. The purpose of this oral barium is to coat your entire bowel tract. If you are unable to tolerate the oral contrast, please notify our office so that alternatives may be attempted.
  • If you have a colostomy bag, please inform our staff before beginning the oral contrast dosing. Also, it is necessary to bring an additional colostomy bag with you on the day of your exam.
  • There are certain medical conditions that may restrict you from receiving the IV contrast for your CT examination. Other conditions require further testing. These include:
    • A previous allergic reaction to IV contrast
    • An allergy to Iodine
    • Medication controlled diabetes
    • Kidney Disease (Solitary kidney, Kidney failure, Kidney transplant, Kidney cancer, or Kidney surgery)
  • All conditions listed above except for those regarding allergies, require a serum creatinine blood test (to check kidney function) within 6 weeks prior to your examination date.
  • There are no restrictions regarding medications that you may take except for diabetes medication. It is important not to take your diabetic medication during the fasting period. You may take all non-diabetic medicines as you normally do with a small amount of water, even if it occurs during the 4 hours you are required to not eat or drink. Also, if you are diabetic and are taking the drug Metformin HCL (Glucophage, Glucovance, Avandemet, or Metaglip) you may be required to cease the use of these medications for a period of 48 hours after your CT examination by order of your diabetes physician. You will be required to have another blood test to determine if it is safe for you to resume your medication.