Sierra Imaging prep-ct-nocontrast

CT Non-contrast

CT PREPARATIONS (No oral or I.V. contrast)

For those exams NOT requiring oral or I.V.
This is a very simple prep.

  • The only thing we ask is to not eat or drink 4 hours
    prior to your exam.

For those exams requiring oral contrast only

  • Do not eat or drink 4 hours prior to your exam
  • You will be asked to drink 1 bottle of oral contrast 1 hour prior to the examination time. This bottle may be given to you by your doctor’s office, or may be picked up at our facility. This bottle may be refrigerated until time for dosing. Once in the exam room, the technologist may ask you to drink a cup of water before the scanning begins. The purpose of this oral barium is to coat your entire bowel tract. If you are unable to tolerate the oral contrast, please notify our office so that alternatives may be attempted.