Sierra Imaging prep-mri



  • As a rule there are no special preparations before your MRI examination. You are allowed to follow your daily routine in regards to medicines and food.
  • You will be asked to remove all metal from your body and given the appropriate clothing from the MRI staff.
  • You will be asked to remove all makeup, lotions, and deodorants that may contain metallic particles which may cause skin irritation during the procedure.

    You may have an injection of contrast during your MRI examination, through an IV or into a joint (intra-articular). The contrast used for the MRI examination is called Gadolinium, and is different from the contrast used in a CT exam. The two are unrelated, so it is of no concern if you have a history of an allergy to Iodine, or other non-ionic CT contrast material. Please notify the staff if you know that you are receiving MRI contrast and have the following condition:

    • Allergy to Gadolinium contrast

  • There will be a thorough screening completed at least once regarding your surgical history before your MRI examination.